Organizations that master the principles and skills of great culture, communication and structure achieve extraordinary results and have the biggest impact. Their employees are happy and they get in the Zone!

If you are an athlete or musician you know what it feels like to be in the Zone. The Zone is that state of flow and heightened awareness where you experience being fully engaged and present with what you are doing. Your senses and energy feel more open. You experience a feeling of “life is great” and your creativity and ability to succeed reach a pinnacle level. Artists in the Zone create their greatest pieces of work and athletes achieve peak performance.
You can also experience the Zone in your business or organization.
​Get you and your team in the Zone!
The most successful businesses and non-profits, a place where people love to work, and with the greatest impact focus on 3 things:
Culture      Communication     Results
Culture is the “values, vision, behaviors and agreements of an organization.” It is the foundation of your organization but is often elusive because it is like the air you breath. You don’t see it. What is the culture of your organization? Is it collaborative, joyful, learning oriented, impact and results driven?
To be successful your culture needs to balance collaboration with personal drive, joy with intensity, personal responsibility with compassion and support.
How do your people communicate with each other? Do they have the skills to collaborate, resolve conflict and give and receive feedback?
Good communication that balances the “hard” skills of “straight talk” and being assertive with the “soft” skills of active listening, empathy and emotional intelligence is key to good communication in your organization and employee effectiveness.
What is the structure of your organization and does it reflect your values? Does it spread leadership up and down the hierarchy of your organization and tap fully into your employees potential?
Great organizations have a structure that creates clear roles and responsibilities and avenues for creative ideas and issues to be shared and solved.

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About the same time that he was learning mindfulness, Charlie also became a certified and practicing mediator. While offering those services through county mediation programs he earned a living in sales and marketing. He developed both the hard and soft communication skills of being an effective salesman and also became an entrepreneur, running a couple of small companies. 


His passion however has always been to help people become the highest, most effective version of themselves and to help individuals and organizations be more successful at doing good in the world. That is why he also studied organizational and leadership development and founded Zone Consulting in 2015.


Charlie has studied  numerous mindfulness, emotional intelligence, communication and leadership modalities. Some of his greatest influences have been the school for Non Violent Communication, The Coaches Training Institute, Tribal Leadership, Peter Senge, Frank Lencioni and a Zen teacher named Adyashanti.


When he’s not working you are likely to find Charlie walking around Lake Merritt by his home in Oakland, California or cheering for the champion NBA Golden State Warriors basketball team, his childhood favorite team that is now wowing the world with how well they use mindfulness and great communication and play in the Zone. (Great article here about how the Warriors use Mindfulness, Joy, Compassion and Competition as their core values)

Zone Consulting is the consulting and training business of Charlie Rebich.


For over 25 years Charlie has taught mindfulness and communication. He began his journey learning mindfulness in college and studied in the ashrams and temples of Southeast Asia. Over the years he has taught mindfulness classes and workshops to thousands of people.