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Communication and Mindfulness Coaching and Training

  • Could you use more ease, joy and flow in your work?
  • While also stepping into your next level of success and greatness?
  • As a leader, would you like to have more fun with your team while tapping into their collective creativity and brilliance of your team?
Then you’re ready to get you (and your team)
into the

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If you’re an athlete or musician then you know what it feels like to be in the Zone. The Zone is that state of flow where you experience being both incredibly powerful and successful and also where you feel calm, easeful and connected. You feel connected with life and with others.


In the Zone results happen seamlessly, life feels synchronistic and things simply work out better than if you are ever trying too hard or not enough. In the Zone, people experience that time slows down and the experience life free of fear or anxiety, still while achieving the things they truly want, success, achievement, impact, money, happy fulfilling relationships.


Teams in the Zone win championships, create great pieces of art, or produce breakthrough business results. They work together in a culture of compassion, cooperation, joy, mindfulness, clear communication and they balance that with a competitive edge.


Being in the Zone has been pointed to by religions and spirituality but it does not require any belief. It is experiential.


It’s like being Jedi knights without the light sabers and special effects, but it's real and it is also possible to experience it in our work and in our business teams.

The Zone

Being in the Zone is great, but this doesn’t mean it’s easy. Our fears and unconscious belief patterns get in the way. All of us have unconscious belief patterns that especially show themselves when we are under stress. When these patterns are unseen, our fight, flight or fear response takes over and causes us to drop out of the Zone. They hamper our creativity and productivty, create our unhappiness and can lead to conflict in our relationships. 


These patterns are often very subtle. They are unconscious and we've become so used to them that they become like the water we swim in. How would you explain water to a fish? When these patterns go unseen they limit just how successful, happy and fulfilled we can be!



Council Coaching

Individual Coaching

That is why I offer my experience with mindfulness, emotional intelligence and clear communication to council and consult with business leaders like you.


In the sessions I do with clients we practice:


  • Mindfulness to help you master being able to stay calm and centered in any situation, to find your greatest wisdom and clarity in all the decisions you need to make, and to uncover any of unconscious belief patterns that are getting in your way.

  • Emotional intelligence to learn how to unleash your passion and creativity while being able to navigate and transform any negative emotions. I also teach you how to navigate the emotions of others, how to unlock their potential, create connection, happiness and success.

  • Clear communication skills to achieve the best outcome out of any conversation.


Team Training

It is one thing to be in the Zone by oneself but where the rubber really meets the road is in relationships. In addition to individual coaching I offer team training to get teams in the Zone.


I create programs for them to


  • Use mindfulness and emotional intelligence to achieve greater effectiveness, and happiness as a group.

  • Become more empowered, take personal responsibility and accountability.

  • Learn how to communicate in the most effective fashion.

  • Handle tension and resolve conflict and to support and empower each other.


I tailor each program to meet your needs but typically I create a half day workshop and do some individual coaching with your team members.


Generally, a workshop includes a basic introduction to mindfulness and emotional intelligence, and we discuss the Zone and what that means for the team members. We then work on some basic communication skills and practice effective communication techniques.

Some of the modules that I can incorporate include:

  • Zone Communicating - communication techniques used by teams that are successful, happy, connected and empowered

  • Feedback - How to give feedback in a way that is construction and build rapport, trust and strengthens individuals and teams.

  • Mindfulness - How to calm one’s mind and stay clear and calm through difficult situations.

  • Conflict resolution and harnessing creative tension

  • Ideation - How to run the best creative, problem solving meetings.


With most programs I also include some one on one training and coaching with individual team members.

Team Training

About your Counsel-Coach-Trainer

Charlie Rebich


25 years ago I started on this path, exploring what the Zone is and helping individuals and teams get in it. I took my first mindfulness class in college, travelled and backpacked around the ashrams and temples of India and Southeast Asia and then actually became a monk in a spiritual community for 14 years!

The teachings of that community were deeply spiritual, sometimes practicing meditation for hours a day, but they were also about being of service and in the world. I worked for years in sales and marketing and then later launched a successful e-commerce and retail distribution company. I also taught hundreds of free community meditation classes and did volunteer work with several non-profits.


My passion has always been around helping people to connect with their best self and to connect more deeply and successfully with other people. I became a conflict resolution mediator and I studied with numerous mindfulness, emotional intelligence and clear communication teachers and schools.

Some of the greatest influences on me have been the school of Non Violent Communication, The Coaches Training Institute and a zen teacher named Adyashanti. 


When I’m not working with individuals and teams you are likely to find me walking around Lake Merritt here in my home of Oakland or cheering for the Golden State Warriors, my childhood favorite team that is now wowing the world with how they play in the Zone!

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